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Wild Kratts Tour

Produced by The Kratt Brothers Company

WILD KRATTS – LIVE! is an all new theatrical stage show based on the hit animated television series Wild Kratts. Martin and Chris Kratt, stars of the Emmy-nominated Wild Kratts step out LIVE ON STAGE to engage the audience in a classic Wild Kratts story. Starting off by sharing some wow facts! Abojut animals , as presented via large screen multimedia format, the brothers Martin and Chris pull on their Creature Power vest and gloves begin activating Creature Powers! They show off the amazing abilities of animals such as Rhino powers and Caracal Powers! - live on stage - in comical demonstrations. Then Wild Kratts receive a message from Koki, Jimmy and Aviva that Zach and his Zachbots are invading the Tortuga. This villain steals one of the Wild Kratts favorite inventions. The brothers have got to get it back. Now with amazing animal abilities they are off to confront the bumbling and comical villain, Zach, and his robots. Of course the Kratt Brothers technology doesn’t always work as planned which results in hilarious pratfalls and slapstick fun. But the brothers press on and ultimately rescue their favorite invention from Zach’s clutches so the animals of the creature world are safe once again. Experience, live-on-stage, the astounding “creature” fundamentals, and the infectious excitement and inspiring quest of the Kratt Brothers that make the hit television series Wild Kratts so popular with kids and their families.

“Our recent show with the Kratt Brothers was exceptional. We sold out months in advance. Chris and Martin Kratt are energetic, engaging, and generous performers. Their love of the animal kingdom is palpable; the kids had a great time being scarlet macaws, howler monkeys, and giant otters with them. I was really impressed with how the Kratts interacted with the kids at the post-show meet and greet. Every child with whom they made contact got their full attention, and there were many. We look forward to bringing them back again in the fall of 2014.”

Allan Sansom, Artistic Producer & Manager Centrepointe Theatres, Ottawa, ON

Wild Kratts Facts:

  • Nielsen ratings (July 2014) #3 Children 2-8, #5 Children 2-11 in a universe of 250 programs
  • Wild Kratts Live! selling 2,000 - 3,000 tickets at their initial theater engagements
  • Recent weekend attendance at Brookfield Zoo (Chicago) – 30,000, Bronx Zoo (New York) 23,000
  • TV History - “Kratts Creatures” (1996), “Zooboomafoo” (1999), “Kratt Brothers: Be The Creature” (2003); “Wild Kratts” (2011-Present) on PBS stations – over 200 episode
  • Extensive consumer products line debuts fall 2014 Partners with Gap, Old Navy, Stonyfield Yogurt, Target Stores, and Dawn (P&G)
  • 2013 Kidscreen Award for Best Companion Website: Programming—Kids Category
  • Daytime Emmy nominations for Best Writing in a Children’s Series

About Wild Kratts – The PBS KIDS TV Series

Seen daily on PBS Kids, Wild Kratts features the brothers on incredible expeditions to meet wild creatures from the far corners of the earth. Diving into the habitats of these unusual animals with the use of futuristic technology and Creature Power Suits that allow the brothers to take their funny and exciting adventures to where they’ve never gone before. The basic plot of the series is usually to save the animals from various situations, be it villains, general human influence, or confusion on a baby animal's part. Many episodes utilize interaction with “villain” characters to exemplify an animal situation, other episodes focus on real world problems,either directly (as seen in "Stuck On Sharks" where Gourmand captured a shark for making shark fin soup) or indirectly through allegory ("Build It Beaver" had the beaver's dam destroyed repeatedly through various means; an allegory for deforestation). Still, some episodes’ objective is to change the way a creature is often perceived; creatures such as bats and crocodiles that are usually considered frightening are presented in their own habitat and their true nature is explored. Along the way, viewers learn about the animals and their lives, as the Kratt brothers and the Wild Kratts gang (including the Kratts, Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy) figure out ways to either right wrongs or to get out of the strange (and always amusing) situations they find themselves in.

Wild Kratts Live!

Saturday, May 13th, 2017
Sudbury, ON
Sudbury Arena @ 1pm
By Phone @ 705.671.3000
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Monday, May 15th, 2017
London, ON
Centennial Hall @ 6pm
By Phone @ 519.672.1967
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